Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Chromebook Arrival - First Unboxing

After much anticipation (Ellis was sure we'd been waiting 5 months). the 31 Chromebooks for our 1:1 pilot project arrived!

We went over our Chromebook questions from last month and then worked on a document of Chromebook Expectations. Students took a copy of this home tonight to read over with their parents and sign. This is working document which is their contract and acceptable use policy.

Some students stayed in at recess to do the very first unboxing. OC's name was drawn and she got to unbox Chromebook #31 (our "spare"). Aaron put together a little video to show our excitement.

There are still some things to discuss and look at before everyone is assigned a device. For the first few weeks of using Chromebooks, we'll be working slowly and on the same tasks. We are going to make sure that everyone can effectively use these tools before students can "take their ideas and run with them".

Some of the things we'll be doing the next few days include unboxing and labelling all the Chromebooks, setting up our charging stations, logging into them for the first time and setting up user accounts, and watching some training videos.

We'll start with Introducing the Chromebook:

We'll watch a video giving a Chromebook Education Overview:

We'll talk about how to care for and handle the Chromebooks.

Then, we'll practice how to use the Chromebooks (before we even get our hands on them!).

Finally, students will unbox Chromebooks and set them up for their first charge!

We couldn't be more excited to get started and look forward to learning with this new technology and sharing our progress and challenges!

Now, to think about screen time limits...

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