Wednesday, 12 February 2014

ECLIPSE by Yaro, Larry, and Johnny

This year in room 209 one of our literacy programs is called ECLIPSE. It stands for :
E-Eggucational (Educational)

There are three ways of doing ECLIPSE: Read to Self (where you read to yourself), Read to Eachother (where you read to a partner), and Work on Writing (where you write a story).
When you start ECLIPSE you pick someone to do a good example and a bad example. A good example is where you are sitting quietly with your book in your hand and your book bin (which is a bin with books that you want to read in it) beside you. A bad example is when you are talking loudly and you are out of your seat and not paying attention to your book. After, you go to your seat and get out your book or writing journal. You set a timer for a little while like about 5 minutes to start and every time you go for a bit more time. You are not alowed to talk though. If you talk you stop and record the time you did. 
In read to a partner there are four ways to read to a partner: I read you read (where you take turns reading), choral reading (where you read at the same time), read 1 book, read different books.

ECLIPSE is really good for building your stamina for reading and writing quietly.

By, Yaro, Larry and Johnny

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