Sunday, 23 February 2014

Getting into a Routine - Our Chromebook Learning

Good morning boys and girls,

  For the first few weeks that we work with the Chromebooks, we need to get into some patterns and habits.

  After you have completed your training, unboxed and labelled your device, you will be using your Chromebook each day to support your learning and to communicate your learning.

  We will begin by getting into a routine, starting today.

  Once you have picked up your Chromebook in the morning, you will follow these steps:

#1. Respond to the How Do You Feel Today? survey.
#2. Set a timer (we'll all install "Timer-Tab") for 10 minutes and log in to Typing Web. Practice your typing for 10 minutes.
#3. Set another time for 10 minutes and log in to IXL (or Khan Academy if you've linked your account with mine). Practice your place value/decimal/fraction work for 10 minutes.
#4. If you have time left, get down to work on other tasks that are assigned - check the Mustard/Ketchup and Pickle boards.

  At the end of each day, before we put our Chromebooks back and plug them in for use the next day, you will be expected to respond to the "What Stuck with You Today?" survey.

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