Monday, 17 February 2014

Reflecting on our Mystery Skype Call with Ms. Vo's Class

On Friday, we had a Mystery Skype call with a class in Dallas, Texas. They are on Twitter and we can continue to connect with them there.

We had a sneaky-peek of where they were located before our call, so, while they tried to find out our city, we worked to figure out which one of the many, many schools in Dallas they were from. 

After our call (which was their second ever Mystery Skype), we reflected on our work during the call.

Lately, we have been using "Stars and Planets" instead of "Stars and Wishes". We think about "Planning" rather than "Wishing", because that makes us more responsible, and Plan-It, rather than just sitting and wishing.

Mystery Skype

-we were all very respectful of their different interpretations
-our questions were really well thought of
-all doing good things on computers
-we listened really well
-people were including others to share laptops

-more people participating
-be more quiet, no shhushing needed
-we should have more questions planned out beforehand
-nobody talking unless it’s your turn
-more quiet because ipad picks up noise
-when you’re sharing, speak loudly
-stay more on task
-next time, Shauna should hook to projector once we’re connected
-follow instructions the first time

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