Sunday, 23 February 2014

Third Annual Living Musuem

Time Travellers take a few minutes to read and get themselves focused before the big event.
 Many of you followed along with our Living Museum on Twitter again this year, so these photos will be familiar.
Just three of the Time Travellers, Leonardo DaVinci, an early European boat salesman and an Aboriginal.
The Girl with the Pearl Earring and a European Artist.
Gabby the archaeologist teaches young potential explorers about her adventures.
The Maori and Ojibwa Time Travellers tell young explorers about their lives.
Madi and Hannah were pretty tough Maori warriors!
The inside of a Mayan pyramid. 
Some of the Time Travellers made sure to Skype with our friends in California and share what they had learned.
As always, our very own Genius Baby made an appearance to soak up some knowledge.

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