Thursday, 13 February 2014

Underground Railroad Tasks in the Computer Lab Today!

Hello boys and girls,

  Welcome to the computer lab!

  Your tasks today have to do with Black History Month in general and The Underground Railroad in particular. By now, we've read the stories of Henry "Box" Brown and Harriet "Moses" Tubman, but it's time to dig a little deeper into the history of the Underground Railroad.


Task #1: Select one of the following links and work on the tasks for at least fifteen minutes. If you complete one of them, visit the other.
Choice A: Scholastic interactive 
Choice B: National (explore) Geographic Interactive

Task #2: Write a comment on this blog with FOUR full sentences. The first two sentences should be things that you learned from your work in Task #1, the third should be a question that you have/something that you're wondering, the fourth should be something you think or feel after reflecting on this and taking on a first person perspective.
For example: "I worked on the Scholastic Interactive and I learned that "abolitionists" were the people who helped slaves on the Underground Railroad and that they wanted to abolish slavery. I also learned that there were "Wanted" posters that offered people rewards to turn in escaped slaves, even in the northern "free" states. I wonder if these "Wanted" posters were also posted in Canada and if slaves were often turned in. Doing these tasks, I felt for the slaves who used the Underground Railroad to escape, and felt very grateful to be living in a time and place where we know that people are all created equally and deserve to be treated equally."
Notice what is included in this comment. Please check over yours for the following success criteria before posting:
Success Criteria for Underground Railroad Comments:
-posted as a comment on THIS post
-written in full sentences
-sentences make sense
-you have checked over your spelling, using the built in spellchecker
-sentences end with proper punctuation (. ! or ?)
-sentences begin with capital letters
-2 sentences describing juicy facts you learned
-1 sentence describing something you are still wondering
-1 sentence reflecting on how you feel about all this

Task #3 (optional): If you finish Tasks 1 and 2 and still have time left, please visit IXL and work on one or more of the following areas.
Grade 5s, work on:
-A.1 - Place values in whole numbers
-A.2 - Word names for numbers
-A. 3 - Compare numbers up to millions
-A.4 - Word names for numbers
Grade 6s, work on:
-A.1 - Place values in whole numbers
-A.2 - Word names for numbers
-section E - Money

Have a great time in the lab!



  1. TheI first thing I learned after doing the Scholastics was that some white people helped black people escape from slavery. That was surprising to me because I didn't know. I also learned that people who helped runaways would get in trouble even if they were in the free states. I wonder how they trained dogs to hunt down humans at that time. I also wonder how come the people of the time couldn't make proper houses. After listening to this story I feel that slavery shouldn't have happened and it is a sad part of history.

  2. I did the scholastic interactive, and i learned lots of things about, tobacco, escaping from slavery! and i learned that there isn't a special age limit for people to be sent away from there family. because, when i was listening it said that even just a little baby that was only a couple weeks old was old enough to be shipped away from their family! It was a really interesting interactive game! I learned a lot of info about slaves that didn't know. But one of the things that i want to know is how do lots of people get away? I mean, they couldn't possibly all get shipped away in boxes! so there must be a secret way of getting shipped away! so it was interesting to learn a lot about that particular part! (about their transportation).