Sunday, 9 February 2014


This year, we're trying a new Literacy program in Room 209. It's based on the book "The Daily Five" that I read with Tiiu over the summer. Each student in Room 209 is practicing becoming a better reader and writer by following ECLIPSE. ECLIPSE is an acronym for Engaged, Choice, Literacy, Independent, Purposeful, Stamina, Enthusiastic. We have learned how to "Read to Self", "Work on Writing" and "Read With Someone". We start by coming up with an Independence chart, describing the purpose of our task and what students and teachers will be doing. Then, students do their favourite part and act out examples and non-examples. We then practice a skill, gradually building up our stamina. Anytime the teacher notices students that are not following the Independence chart, the bell rings and we all stop. We take the opportunity to discuss what went well and what we still need to work on.

School has gotten REALLY busy lately, but we'll be getting back on track with ECLIPSE as a regular part of our week soon! Students are missing it!

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