Thursday, 26 June 2014

What Stuck With Us Last Night - June 25th

What stuck with me about yesterday was the chalk festival is was very fun!Thomas!
The thing that stuck with me was the Ignite the Night then going out afterwards. I loved Ignite the Night this year. It was short and wonderful. I think people did an amazing job on them and worked really hard. I loved going out afterwards for dinner. It was really yummy and I think it was a great place to go. Great recommendation for whoever did it. Fiona
Also the green tea ice cream.Nat
What stuck with me was the party at 1000 sushi islands.Nat
Whats stuck with me from yesterday is the dinner, it was so much fun! I'm so glad I was able to come!Hannah
What stuck with me yesterday was Ignite the night and the after party! It was really fun and even though I will not be Shauna's class next year I still won't to do Ignite.Gabby
all the amazing ignite presentations and the food.noMeL
Today what stuck with me (Yesterday)
is the Chalk festival! it was really fun to draw all sorts of
things out of chalk!
ignight !!!!!!!!!!
and eating 20$ worth of ice cream (thanks for the advise shauna ) !!!!!!!
it was so much nuf !!!!!
i had 14 (or maybe 15) scoops Larry
ignite stuck with me i was so scared it was scary seeing all the parents last night Kaleigh!!!!
what stuck with me yesterday was the dinner even though it doesn't really have anything to to with school it was still fun!!!!!!!Madi
The sushi place! It was super duper good and the first time I've ever been to sushi.Nope.Pat
Preparing my igniteNOPEJACK
That we went out to sushi, yum.Johnny

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