Thursday, 19 June 2014

What Stuck With Us Today - June 19th (and yesterday, too!)

What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?What's your name?
The story activity, I loved writing from the role of a reporter, I'm so happy with what I made into it. Can we do an activity like that again? Clara
The thing that stuck with me today is the writing prompt we did. I think it was a great prompt. I really enjoyed writing. The story was really awesome and I might continue. Fiona
the video about social media was good and had lots of info. I also liked doing the cell phone thing.Yarissimo
i liked the play it was so cute and funny molly
Today what stuck with me is The play in natalies class it was really cute
they made a play about a cow who laid an egg
Doing the Writing prompt stuck, it was so much fun to write a newspaper like story because I love writing and it was so fun to get to do that at school!Nope.Vickie
Presenting my french play because I thought it was awesome to show the class what me and my group had worked on. Nilla Wafer
What stuck with me today was writing prompt. It was REALLY fun and I can't wait to finish the one I started! Gabby
The play natalies class was very fun. I also liked watching the socail media videosALEX
Writing my ignite scriptNOPEJACK
Natalie's play!Millie
nothinbender {ellis}
Natalies class's play.Natapus
The really cool lessons with Catherine. I found them really fun.Nope.Pat
bell is far better than rogers, in phone plans that isHUNTER!!!
what stuck with me was the cow that layed a egg play it was very good and was put together well. Very fun day todayThomas!
what stuck with me was the stories about that picture because it was fun and really cool to get to talk from a reporters perspective and it was overall just fun! not today!Madi
Game on stuck with me because we finally played frisbee golf Miguel
That Catherine did awesomely well today.Johnnyk
Whats stuck with me is the cell phone challenge, it was really fun!Hope the rest of your day is great!Hannah
cell phone challenge it was funKaleigh!!!!
What stuck with me yesterday was the book launch. It was fun to show people my book and to see their reactions to the book. I loved showing the younger kids a tiny snippet of the book since they don't stay too long but some adults read my whole book, it was cool to see them dive into my book and see their "absorbing the words" face. The 55 word memoir helped when an adult wanted an overview of the book.Clara
Whats stuck with me from yesterday is the book launch, it was a lot of fun and I didn't find it hot or to long. I thought we had more than enough time to finish the bio's and I found them really fun to make!Hannah
Today getting some time to practice Ignite stuck, I really enjoy making and working on ignite, and I am so excited to present very soon!Nope.Vickie
The book launch was good. I think it went well and I think the parents liked the biographies A LOT!!!!Yarissimo
What stuck with me yesterday was... I dont remember. Sorry Gabby
The book launch because I loved getting to show other people my biography.This is yesterdays wswytNilla Wafer
THe book launch. It went really, really well.Nope.Pat
What stuck with me was the Book Launch. I loved watching the faces of the grandparents and parents as they read the biographies. It was awesome!Camden
What stuck with me about yesterday was the gardening it was pretty fun and the radishes tasted OKThomas!
What stuck with me yesterday was The gardening with Gillian's classMiguel
The book launch is what stuck with meNatapus
um planting i thought it was funKaleigh awesome
Today what stuck with me is The gardening!
I had a very fun time gardening with my little buddy (in Gillian's class)!
not today.Erika

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