Friday, 13 June 2014

What Stuck With Us Today - Friday, June 13th, 2014

What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?What's your name?
school of rock needs to turn down the base a bit and some one bite brownies are really good Shauna I will miss you :' ( in grade 6HUNTER!!!
Because who could forget school of RAAAAACK! Natapus
I enjoyed the school of rock and i thought that the performers put an amazing amount of effort into making it a great performance. They put tones of engery into it.Mr Red
I really had fun watching school of rock. my favorite part was the end when we did the jump thing. One thing they could change is maybe make the base quieter and the voices louder.Yarisimo (black belt in karate)
i liked school of rock because of the songs and music molly
well i thought we were good singing sometime but i think we need improvement and the band needs improvement, because they were very loud. have a good WEST FESTMel
What stuck with me today was the gratitude letter group I chose because I feel like the letters I chose to write to, I knew enough about, and the partner I chose, because I feel like I will work well with Nat.Camden
Today what stuck with me was how fun SOR was! I learned a new way to play the ukulele when someone's hair is on your strings. And how we only have 10 days left together.Clara
sor because it was really well done and the band and choir was really good.bender {ellis}
what stuck with me today was school of rock because thats pretty much all we did today and it was funish yeeeaaah no.Laryssa
What stuck with me today was School Of Rock. It was really fun and I think that it went really well. Even though I couldn't hear what we sounded like I think we did really well and it sounded good! Gabby
Today, being in school of rock really stuck with me, it was soooo amazing to do something that you worked on for so long, and then be able to share what you did with the whole school! I found it was really hot, and a little squished, but it was all worth it! I am so excited to do the show again tonight and tomorrow! l hope that everyone in the audience liked the show!Nope.Vickie
Whats stuck with me today is school of rock, I found it really fun and I enjoyed it a lot but maybe next time there should be a fan and/or a door or two open near us. But other than that it was really fun!Have a good rest of the day!Hannah
I have to say School Of Rock stuck with me today because of the people who were rocking out and then watching the other people who were not rockingMiguel
I enjoyed working on my graduation speech. After that we went to School of Rock. I liked that because the band was awesome and it was really fun and I loved singing at it! I almost fell of though noooMillie
Today what stuck with me is The school of rock rehearsal
in the gym! the whole school watched us perform!
and tomorrow we will be performing at westfest! Though
when we were performing it was really hot because
we were all stuck together!
not today.Erika
The thing that stuck with me today was School of Rock and Grtitude letters. I think SOR was a really great performance, I hope the audience enjoyed it because I sure did. The gratitude letter stuck with me because I think it is really good at the end of the year to thnak everyone we have helped throughout the year. Overall I had an awesome day. Fiona
School of rock stuck with me today because it's pretty much what our whole day of school was based aroundNOPEJack
School of rock stuck with me because it was so fun to sing, Awesome to get filmed by rogers tv and preform at my last school of rock ever :(Nils
school of rock because it was so much fun and it was well i thought people liked it so it made me happy and it was also AWESOMEKaleigh!!!!
School Of Rock. It was very different from other years, since I had to get instruments a bunch, the vibe of it was more chill, and it was the last year I'm doing it :(. Also some people gave me some constructive criticism so I have to remember that for tonight and tommorow.Nope.Pat
WHat stuck with me today was School of rock they had great nice loud voices and all together they sounded very good have fun at West fest Rockers! Thomas!
What stuck with me was school of rock because it was a really cool experience and it was really fun!Not today Madi
SOR because the song jump was really cool how people were jump and having fun.Aaron McLeod
That school of rock was awesome. It was very nice to see most of the students up there. Good luck at westfest.johnny

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