Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Chromebook Workshop: Collaborative Spring Poems with Heather C’s Class

Aargh! I wrote this post yesterday during EQAO testing and then promptly deleted it this afternoon! I have tried several ways to revert to the earlier post, but can’t figure it out.
Heather C's 1/2s joined us for a Collaborative Poem writing workshop. In Room 209, we love writing poems together, especially on the Chromebooks!

The steps for writing collaborative poems were as follows:
1. Big Buddies from Room 209 paired with Little Buddies from Heather C’s class.
2. The Big Buddies became “Co-Pilots” and the Little Buddies became “Pilots”, in charge of what was going on
3. Pilots selected a topic related to spring
4. Together, Pilot and Co-Pilot began writing a poem on the Google Drive, focusing on using sensory information, alliteration and rhythm to make their poems very powerful
5. After five minutes, Pilot and Co-Pilot virtually “passed” the poem to another group by sharing the doc on the Google Drive
6. Pilot and Co-Pilot then took five minutes to read and continue the poem they received
7. Poems were passed five times
8. After adding to a fifth poem, Pilot and Co-Pilot returned to their original poem and edited and revised it, making sure they liked the sound and feel of the poem
9. PIlot and Co-Pilot then formatted the poem, changing the font if they wished, adding a photo to enhance the poem, and adding an optional photo of the poets who started it.

Please enjoy their work!
Butterflies, a poem started by Hunter and Noah
Butterflies, a poem started by Laryssa and Amira
Blowing, a poem started by Camden and Grayson
The Ceiling, a poem started by Jack and Charlie
Trees, a poem started by Ellis and Orayo
Hello and Goodbye, a poem started by Johnny and Trey
Spring Makes Me, a poem started by Molly and Ava
Spring Flowers, a poem started by Nat, Mackenzie and Annika
Spring Flowers, a poem started by Erika and Rowan
Spring, a poem started by Aaron, Madi and Ian
Sun, a poem started by Vickie and Frances

These workshops have been so valuable for the Rainbow Eggheads. It’s been great to share  our skills and resources with other classes and collaborate to create interesting projects.

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