Friday, 13 June 2014

What Stuck With Us - June 10th, 11th and 12th

What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?What's your name?
what stuck with me today is the collaborative slide show we made with heather and allisons class . i was working with Elsa . she was really fun to work with and we did a good job on the slide show . i think i was doing more of the typing and she provided most of the ideas but we put in an equal amount of work .nopsy~dopesyLaryssa
Today what stuck with me was the Allison and Heather slideshow. I learned about pandas and why they're endangered and working with her was fun since she really knew about pandas and liked what she was doingClara
何が私と一緒に立ち往生することは、海の牛が絶滅しているということでした。 - Translation: What stuck with me was that the sea cow is extinct.いいえ :)Natapus
sex ed was very awkward but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Other than that, I learned some french at the presentation and I learned about Pandas with me buddy.Millie
Today getting to do another workshop with Alison and Heather's class was really fun, especially because I knew someone from that class so that made it that much more fun, doing the workshop taught me a lot about different endangered species, I never knew what the black footed ferret even was before today! nope.Vickie
what stuck with me was the slideshow we did with Alison and Heater's class it was really fun and i enjoyed working with my brother. bender {ellis}
The endangered species slideshow was awesome! My brother's to pic was cool. I learned that a adelie penguin actually eats LESS in the winter, more in the summer!Zetsumetsu no kiki ni hin shita dōbutsu wa, subarashī suraidoshōta? Un! Zetsumetsukikushu no suraidoshō ga saikōdeshita! Otōto no topikkude wa, kūrudatta. Watashi wa, aderīpengin ga jissai yori natsu ni, fuyu ni sukunaku taberu koto o manabimashita!Camden
What stuck with me today was working with Tessa. Working with Tessa was really fun and it was cool to work on a slideshow with her. It was fun to learn about Penguins and why they are endangered. I hope we get to do another workshop soon. Gabby
What stuck with me was the endangered animals slideshow i learn a couple new things about chimpanzees and it was really fun to work with a different class. Thomas!
Whats stuck with me is, how DISGUSTING sex ed was!!!! It was horrible! I hope we don't have to do it any more, I found it very, very, very descriptive....Hannah
what stuck with me was the french sharing because it was really fun and inclusive Madi
The French presentation by Rollan Beibau (think thats how you spell his name) because I loved all of his french songs he sang.Nils
The thing that stuck with me today was the french presentation. I really enjoyed it and I think it was entertaining for the younger kids. Fiona
i loved working with my buddy because she was enthusiastic to learn! noskye
Today what stuck with me is the french play in the gym,
Francois, francois,! that was pretty much the lyrics to his song,
and the chromebook workshop with Allison/Heathers class!
The endangered species chromebook training with Alison's class and the french presentation stuck with me todayJACK
I had fun watching the francais francais presentation. I think it was very collaborative and exciting!Yaro!
The french singer stuck with me today. I also enjoyed the workshop with Heather/Alisons class/Alex
I learnt during the Chromebook workshop with Alison and Heather's class that Spider Monkeys barely ever touch the ground and move around by swinging from tree to tree.Nope.Pat
Game On and Heath class and when we saw the french guy and at the end he shot the cannon. Aaron McLeod
sex ed it was not as bad as i thought it wasKaleigh!!!!
sex ed is awkward

and it is hard to maintain a perfect italian accent
The french presentation today with Gillian's class. Miguel
That we did so many things that were fun, the best was the buddie work on the Chromebooks.Johnny
um the all the good thingsKaleigh awesome`
i have purple hair.Ellis
I liked music when eric read from the book outsidenoMillie
What stuck with me today was working on Ignite. It was fun and now I have great ideas! I also liked having gym with Ray's class. I like having gym with different classes.Gabby
The thing that stuck with me today was the ignite. I think my ignite is starting off really well, and I am so excited for Ignite the Night. The other thing that stuck with me today was outdoor gym. I really liked playing with Ray's class, I really like playing with a larger group. Fiona
Yaro and Johnny think that they are good at soccer because Yaros uruguayan and Johnnys Italian is what stuck with me. I think there motivation for soccer comes from there Uruguayan and Italian parent. Natapus
Today what stuck with me was the Skype call with my second cousin. It was really fun to see her again and I loved her reaction!Clara
watering the plants is a lot harder then it seems kaleigh
What stuck with me was the mystery skype it was funny to see people from holland Jack in our class loves holland so muchThomas!
What stuck with me is the music in the back to nature
owen couldn't do it with us so Eric did it with us in teh back to nature!
He read a book to us about music and then we could do free write/draw
I had fun doing gym outside with rays class. we played beanie wars and it was fun. I also had fun being outside in back to nature. nopeYaro!
Beanie war with Ray's class.NOPEJACK
That we had a day that we could go outside.Johnny
The fact that I don't have to do my french play. That lifts some stress off my shoulders.Nope.Pat
what stuck with me today was the mystery skype because when claras cousin saw her she started crying Madi
The music with eric with no ukuleles! Miguel
the gym gameslolomg.coolMeL
play the talking game with nilsAaron McLeod

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