Monday, 9 June 2014

Geek Squad Presentation at #DLAchat Conference

Today, 10 Rainbow Eggheads who have been contributing to the Tech Times newsletter over the past two years were asked to present at the Digital Learning Advisory OCDSB conference. We decided to live stream the workshop through Google Hangouts Live on Air. As before, we struggled to get this working perfectly! A great example of having to be flexible when using tech!

Below are two videos showing MOST of the workshop. Unfortunately, the Chromebook's batteries ran out during Hannah and Madi's Skype presentation. Hopefully, they'll be willing to film themselves doing it and we can share it on here!

Daybook by Vickie
Google Apps  by Hunter
Assistive Tech Through My Eyes by Skye
iPads by Gabby
Social Media by Camden, Johnny
Using Tech for Charity in the Class by Pat
Madi, Hannah did theirs live and of course I didn't catch it!
Maker Movement by Fiona

We hosted a "Today's Meet" for our presentation. Check it out here.

Some feedback from participants
-The student presenters are proof that tech can support oral communication, reading, writing (and even drama!!!)
-I am very impressed with how engaged all the students are with the use of technology. They are all so knowledgeable as well!
-Skye, your story is inspiring. Thank you for sharing it so eloquently.
-Wow! Blowing my mind with all the fantastic initiatives you've got on the go. Eggheads Rock!
-Current tech experts here, future tech leaders!
-I'm so impressed! Thank you. I am leaving here with many great ideas for my classroom.
-I wish my high school students made slideshows that looked like this, keep doing them like that (less words, more images)!

We only wish that more educators had joined us. I could not be prouder of these Eggheads and their peers for the work they've done this year and the incredible way they're willing to mentor and share with others within our school and the world beyond!

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