Saturday, 19 January 2013

Your Weekend Homework: Area and Perimeter of the Gym

 Remember when we were in the Gym on Friday? Every student measured the length and width of the Gym with a non-standard unit of measurement - his or her feet!

Don't forget that your homework for the weekend is to determine the perimeter and area of the Gym based on your measurements. Also, answer the question: why are some of the measurements so different?

Figure this out using the strategies we've been practicing in class. You may leave your responses in the comment area below or bring them in on Monday!

Good luck!


  1. I measured that the gyms area is 3672 Ethan steps squared and the gym perimeter is 246 Ethan steps.


    51x2=102 102+144=246

    And the reason everybody's step measurements are different is because
    some peoples feet are bigger and some people may not of been concentrating on keeping there feet together.

  2. Area of the gym:456 steps 2
    Perimeter of the gym:274 steps
    Question:Why are the measurements so different?
    Answer: Because everybody's foot steps are different sizes
    You measured 100 steps for the length and I measured 75 steps for the length, that would mean you have a smaller foot then me so the overall answer would be different,smaller or bigger.