Saturday, 12 January 2013

We're Getting a Virtual Student Teacher!

I read a lot of blogs and one that I've been reading for several years is written by a teacher in Regina named Dean Shareski. Before Christmas, he announced that he was teaching a class of student teachers (like Jeff) at the University of Regina and was looking for some online mentor teachers, and more importantly, classes for his students to work with. I eagerly signed Room 209 up. We will get paired with a third or fourth year pre-service teacher to be a "Virtual Student Teacher" in our class. He or she will learn about using technology in teaching through us and might even teach a few lessons via Skype and his or her blog! Super cool! I've never done anything like this before.

I started exploring some of the students' blogs. Their class is called ECMP 355 and for it, they're each required to start a blog. Most of them are not using blogger, they're using a similar platform called "Wordpress". 

I thought we could check out some of their blogs, too! There are thirty-nine students in Dean's class. One of them will be our Virtual Student Teacher. I'll be meeting them in an online class on Monday, January 21st! 

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