Monday, 21 January 2013


I've been spending some time tonight meeting with teachers and student teachers from ALL OVER in this amazing virtual classroom called "Elluminate"! Soon, one of the student teachers will pick us and work with us! It's going to be hard for them to pick, though, there are a lot of fantastic teachers!

Some of the teachers said I could share their blogs with you:

Mr. Williams' 7th grade class 
Mr. Chamberlain (he has a ukulele club!)
Mrs. Cassidy's Grade 1s
First Grade Explorations

Check out their blogs. Do you have any ideas of how to connect with any of those classes?


  1. This is really cool, I visited some of there blogs already!!!

    1. "their"! Did you get that one correct on the Spelling Show What You Know today?

      Did you have any ideas for how we can connect to those students?

  2. I think we should do Ms.Cassidy's class. we could twitter with them!