Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Where Challenge Research Tips

Science Research

Guiding questions
-Where in the world does your “stuff” come from?
    -INGREDIENTS: raw materials that were used to create your
                 -keep going backwards!!!!
                                    -dig further
      -where did those raw materials come from, what part of the world, what resources?
      -RECIPE: who put them together and where did that happen?

Goals to be done the first step of research
-write a list of jot notes about what your item is used for
-make a list of all the materials that are used to make your item
-find out where each of those materials comes from (raw materials, locations)
-what natural resources are used to make your item
-find out when your item was invented
-find out how your item is manufactured (factory, by hand...)
-how does your item, it's raw materials and manufacturing tie into your Science Big Ideas?

Search terms that were helpful
-“how ______ is manufactured”
-“how it’s made ______”
-“_____ factory”
-once you know about what raw materials were used, do more research on them specifically (soybean oil, metal, etc…)
-be more specific in your search ("how world cup soccer balls are made" rather than "how soccer balls are made")

Helpful websites
-How Stuff Works (there is a search window on the site)
-ones linked on the blog in earlier posts

How do we take notes and make sure we don’t plagiarize?
-open multiple windows – one document for notes on your sources and one for your notes
-don’t forget to keep a list of your sources!
-make jot notes on sticky notes (very short, a few words, not sentences)
-put things in your own words
-how to put things in your own words , read a short chunk at a time - read, understand, look away, write
-right now, nothing should be written in sentences, everything should be in short notes


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