Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Where Challenge Research!

We are right into it now, boys and girls!

  Our Where Challenge projects are underway. You have made your beautiful research folders and we have begun researching in the computer lab

Research Tips:
-Often we are finding words like: polyethelyne, iron oxide
-Search "raw materials"

1. Camden - DVDs
2. Daniel - hot dogs
3. Fiona - Paint
4 and 5. Gabby and Vickie - Cameras
6. Haydon - Oil machines
7 and 8. Hunter and Ethan - Diamond jewellery
9. Jack - World Cup Soccer Ball
10. Jackson - dirt bikes
11. Kaleigh - Lava Lamp
12. Laryssa - Erasers
13. Liam - Mood ring
14. Madi - Bubble wrap
15 and 16. Melodee and Lauren - Coca Cola
17. Miguel - Baseballs
18. Millie - Touchscreen gloves
19. Mollie - Ferris wheel
20 and 21. Pat and Finley - Microphones
22. Ricki - Ear piercing gun
23. Thomas - Headphones

24. Sophia


  1. my sorse is youtube
    and im doing moode rings

  2. I don't think you have Vickie on there.

  3. Ya Vickie isn't there?

  4. I have changed my topic to...
    canon cameras!!!
    I am working with Gabby and I am veryu happy that I changed my topic!!!

  5. Shauna
    I think it was a good idea to put up all those videos. They were fun and entertaining and not just that they were also quite funny.
    from Haydie

  6. Shauna
    I think the kid president video is cool because he can sometimes be funny and be serious at the same time. I was just wondering how did he become very famous?
    from Haydie