Tuesday, 22 January 2013

"Low Tide" a review by Madi

"Low Tide" was a book that Shauna's cousins made (Alicia and Jack). They wrote this book when they were in Florida when all of a sudden Alicia looked out of the window and saw it was low tide and yelled, "Low tide!" When Shauna told us the story, I'm that it was funnier in person.

The snail on the front was drawn by Alicia and all the pictures were taken by Shauna or Ashton or Alicia. The book was very cool and funny and cute. It would have been even better if there was a picture of an octopus, I'm sure Shauna would have liked that too. Some of the pictures were taken by Shauna's new camera. When we were reading the book, some of the pictures were falling out.

Me and Purploopa (a tiny toy octopus) are just sitting here right now while Mel is just waiting and Shauna is typing and asking, "What else? What else?" It's sort of getting annoying.

The book was from those hardcover books that Shauna got in Florida that Shauna got for her class before but they don't deliver to Canada anymore, so she got them delivered to her condo.

Most of the writing was by Alicia and Jack and then some was by Shauna. I wonder if they did all that good spelling by themselves or if they had to ask Shauna or Magic Mike or Matt or Courtney or Ashton.

They were on St. Pete Beach and in one of the pictures, there was a Fairy Forest.

-by Madi

The book's cover!

The cousins, writing the book.
Once again, the cousins writing the book.

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