Friday, 6 September 2013

Welcome to a New School Year!

Hello Room 209 students and families (and the rest of the blogosphere!),

Welcome to a wonderful new school year. It's great to see familiar and new faces in Room 209 this September! We had a wonderful first week, filled with games, laughter, learning and community building.

For now, our class is called the "Egg Heads", as a nod to our class recipe for success, ADD EGGS. Students have spoken in detail about how Accountability, Dynamism, Drive, Engagement, (being) Grateful, Generousity and Support will help to make our classroom a wonderful place to work this year!

Please check out the slideshow below for some ideas about what ADD EGGS will look like in Room 209.

I'm thrilled to be teaching this great group of school leaders this year and I can tell already that we are full of ideas, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn. Wait 'till you see how far the Egg Heads will go!

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  1. Hey 209,
    I wish you the best of the year!
    p.s Add eggs sounds really fun!