Thursday, 26 September 2013

IXL Month-Long Trial

I signed our class up for a free one-month IXL trial. IXL is a Math practice and game website and we had our first chance to try it out today.

Each student got two copies of his or her username and password - one to leave at school and one to take home.

I'll be interested to see what everyone thinks and I hope that this is something helpful to practice with either at home or during Pickle time. I think that it can really help us fill up some of our holes in our Math "Jenga Towers". Please feel free to leave your comments about your time on IXL here.

One of the cool things with IXL is that, like Typing Web, I can check out how everyone is doing and see how much time students are spending practicing their skills.

Two great tips from your classmates today:
-when you're practicing addition and subtraction, there is no space on the website to carry or borrow. I am not great at mental math, so I would keep some scrap paper nearby to help me work out questions and problems
-make sure to read your instructions very carefully. The difference between digits and values, for example, are very important

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