Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Alex's Lemonade Stand - Family BBQ Version!

After watching the Alex's Lemonade Stand video as a class, several students jumped right into action!

Oceanna, Clara, Hannah, Kaleigh and Skye brought in supplies (lemons, lemonade, a pitcher, cups, a table cloth and signs) and they, as well as other Rainbow Egg Heads like Jackson and Kaleigh, got straight to work!

The lemonade sold out before the end of the Family BBQ and they raised more than $50! In addition to that, the students explained the cause eloquently and passionately to countless families. I was one impressed teacher!

What an amazing start to what is sure to be another thoughtful, philanthropic year!

Also, Skye had another fundraiser running at the same time for her Genius Hour project with Sharky and Kaitlyn, more info to come on that soon with a guest post from Skye!
The lemonade was a welcome, sweet treat on a beautiful, sunny evening!

Hannah, literally enjoying the fruits of her labour!

Oh yeah, after we sold out, we have a quick, fun Macarena Flash Mob!

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