Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Should We Bring Elephants into Our Classroom?

I found yet another cool opportunity on Skype in the Classroom. Scientists in Thailand have offered to share information about the elephants they're studying via Skype with classes all over the world!

There is a big time difference between our countries, and meeting live may be tricky. I'm tyring to come up with ideas of what we could request from Think Elephants and then remembered how much better 29 minds are than 1!

What could we do? Students in NYC meet virtually with scientists (and even got to see the elephants via Skype!) after school in the evenings. They even helped the scientists in Thailand develop experiments to test the elephants' understanding!

Check out Think Elephants website. You can read about the work they've done, their educational programs and what they've learned about how elephants think!


  1. Hi Shauna

    I would love to be part of this project because it is a awesome way to use Skype in the class room and it is a great chance for room 209 to learn about elephants in a new way with Skype!

  2. no thank you because,i would rather be playing sports.

  3. yeah totaly it sounds like an amazing idea ; ) ;)

  4. I think that it would be an interesting thing to participate in but I don't really have an opinion on whether we should participate or not.

  5. I think that Skyping with elephants across the world would be a great idea. It will give us the chance to learn more about elephants and what their lifestyle is like. Maybe we could do skype with different animals other than elephants.