Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Our First Post Together

Greetings parents and kids!

We are sitting here as a class in Room 209 writing our first blog post of 2013-14.

 In our class this year, we have 28 students (or "eggs"), 3 pets, 1 sock monkey, 1 puppet, 5 octopuses (not counting Squidward) and 1 teacher. We have 11 grade 5 students and 17 grade 6 students. There are 11 boys and 17 girls. There are a bunch of EPIC people who like bacon. There are also a bunch of people who like flying ponies, rainbows and dublacorns.

 Shauna's class likes to always have a class name and we are called the "Rainbow Egg Heads" this year. Our class is the "Farm of Rainbow Egg Heads". We have picked this name because Shauna started off with ADD EGGS. ADD EGGS means accountable, driven, dynamic, engaged, grateful, generous and supportive. We are students who demonstrate ADD EGGS every day, hence the "Egg Heads". We added rainbow to the beginning of our name because we all love rainbows and Shauna rainbow coated the tables for the first day of school.

   There will be a Class Meeting for all parents and guardians of the "Rainbow Egg Heads" It is on Thursday,  September 19th in "the Farm" (the classroom, room 209). It starts at 7 p.m. and will take about one hour.

The Rainbow Egg Heads


  1. awesome i am glad we are now called the "Rainbow Egg Heads"

  2. it is awesome that we are called "the rainbow egg heads", because that is such a cool name. I look forward to working the rest of the year with Shauna.