Friday, 20 September 2013

New Gym Games

Check out this Youtube channel - PhysEdGames. It's full of great ideas for Gym. I want to add more variety into our activities and think this will be an excellent resource! Today, we tried Pass It On after a few fun warm-ups. We played Tiiu's recommendation of "Meet in the Middle" and learned the "Fresh Prince Handshake", "Do-si-do", and a very fancy partner spin. Then, we tried to pass a ball down the wall, using only our legs. Students are feeling the burn in their abs and thighs and the stretch down their whole bodies! A great day in Gym!

If you find a game that you'd like to play in Gym, please visit the "Daybook as We Go" and leave a comment with a link to the game you'd like to try.


  1. I looked at low organized games in category B and I thought two games would be exelent for our class.Barn yard is great game to get your heart rate up ecpecialy when you get cought.Shark attack is I think a better octopus,when you get cought the "swimers" can tag you to get you back into the game so everyone gets to run.I think these videos show wonderful games.And I'd love to do some more!

  2. I think, as a class, we should watch some of the videos and make a comment to improve the games.