Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Working on Bully/Bullied/Bystander Poems with Dana's Class

Working with Dana’s class

-worked really, really, really well (Hunter)

-He came up with the ideas, I wrote it down (Ethan)

-I think we should work with partners more, I have trouble staying up, but this helps me because I’m doing something all the time (Pat)
-I really liked how we did partners with a younger grade because we had two brains working together. Some ideas you agreed on, some you didn’t, but it was interesting to have two different perspectives. (Fiona)

-I gave him a whole bunch of suggestions and he chose the one that worked best and put them in his own words. (Vickie)

-I found it confusing because my partner didn’t always stay on the subject. (Laryssa)

-I really like working in partners with kids from another grade because we have different experiences. (Thomas)

-I really liked being in the perspective of the bully, bullied and bystander and thinking about what you’d do. (Thomas)

-I think it was really fun working with another grade because me and my partner worked really well together and we both came up with really good topics. (Dan)

-I thought it was a whole new experience, it was trying something new, it was fun, it was kind of like going on a rollercoaster, there were some ups and downs. Ups when we agreed, and downs when we disagreed. My partner always stayed on topic and had really great ideas. Mostly it was a flat rollercoaster. (Fin)

-We have different schemas (invisible backpacks) (Pat)

-It was nice to work with partners because you learned different things about different people. (Sophia)

-My partner would stay on task always and we would disagree on things but we would never get in a fight, so I just mixed up both of our ideas. (Mel)

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