Monday, 8 April 2013

The Visitor by Jack Prelutsky

The Visitor
Jack Prelutsky

it came today to visit
and moved into the house
it was smaller than an elephant
but larger than a mouse

first it slapped my sister
then it kicked my dad
then it pushed my mother
oh! that really made me mad

it went and tickled rover
and terrified the cat
it sliced apart my necktie
and rudely crushed my hat

it smeared my head with honey
and filled the tub with rocks
and when i yelled in anger
it stole my shoes and socks

that's just the way it happened
it happened all today
before it bowed politely
and softly went away 

Jack Prelutsky

I think The Visitor is….

(use 2 pieces of evidence from the text)

-a walrus (Jack)

-a transforming slug (Hunty)

-an octopussy (Kaleigh and Sophia)
            -it slapped the sister with a tentacle
            -it kicked the dad with a tentacle
            -it tickled the dog with it’s whiskers

-a dog (Mel)
            -it ripped my tie
            -it left “rocks” in the bathtub

-either a chimpanzee with claws or a guy who was hired to do it (Pan)
            -it bows at the end
            -the only other animal than humans with the
            ability to do all these things are monkeys

-a flying pig (Vick)
            -when it tickled Rover, it used the feathers on its wings
            -it slapped his/her sister with muddy feet

-some sort of mutant guy (Thomas)
            -donkey legs, hands with giant tongues, face is spikey/ticklish
            -legs kicked the dad
            -hands slapped the sister

-cross-species thing, hippopotamus (Fin)
            -crushed a hat by accident, sitting on it like a chair
            -softly went away like a ballerina, tiptoeing

-Hulk (Miggy)
            -slapped sister, hit dad
            -tickled Rover with pinkie

-half bear-half human (Dan)
            -bear hands to slice necktie
            -bears like honey

-monkey (Madi)
            -went wild to rip up necktie
            -opposable thumbs to pick up rocks

-penguin (Millie)
            -long flippers to slap mom
            -beak to slice tie

-plata-goat (Liam)
            -slapped sister with tail
            -kicked dad with goat feet

-imagination (Jackson)
            -it could be any size
            -it could do a lot of different things to different people

"The Visitor" is actually emotion! Think about why this fits!


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