Sunday, 7 April 2013

On the Digital Degus Blogs - Week of April 7th

Many of the Digital Degus have been busy on their blogs and I forgot to update last week. Check out their blogs for some great posts.

Thomas is a clip posting machine! I'd like to know why he is choosing the clips he is. It would be great if he would write a short post along with each video so we could know what to look for.

Like Thomas, Miguel is posting many, many clips! His blog sure lives up to it's title and is certainly random! I know he's happy to hear requests from his readers. My request is that, like Thomas, he start writing a short post about why he is including each link.

Vickie's demonstrating her learning about fractions. I can't wait to see you all push yourselves next week when we start to dig really deep into comparing fractions!

Sophia finally got to take her trip to Montreal! 

Pat is thrilled to have had almost 400 page views! Visit him and leave a comment of congratulations.

Molly posted her awesome Where Project on Smilebox. I love learning about new technologies from you all!

Millie wrote about the letters we sent to our new Pen Pals in Uganda.

We had to miss my favourite school day of the year, April Fool's, but Liam still pulled some pranks.

Kaleigh writes "Random Blasts" about her school day, which is great because we can all see what she is learning.

Gabby's been experimenting with "Pinwords". Her mom, Kayren, wrote a guest post about a new family member! Together, she and Kayren came up with a great (rainbow!) list of qualities and ideas that make a good teacher for Bea. Gabby's latest post is about a hilarious, curious squirrel!

Fiona wants you to come to her blog and answer a question in a certain style, give it a try! She has shared a great YouTube video. She also posted about the squirrel model! Read her description of our Rock of Ages 9-12 song, "Little Boxes". Being in Room 209, Fiona knows how much her classmates enjoy riddles. She's posted several that stump me. Can you solve them?

Finley posted an example of a Harlem Shake in case you haven't seen one. It's my favourite version, too! She also posted a video of herself singing, "Don't Walk Away, Renee". I'm so glad someone recorded her lovely voice! If, like Fin, you want to practice for Rock of Ages 9-12/School of Rock, you can check out the uke chords for "Ordinary Day".

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