Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Pulleys, Levers and Gears - demonstrations by students in Room 209

Today we watched an awesome Disney Imagineering video about Pulleys and Levers and were inspired to go on a Simple Machine hunt throughout the school. We shared our information in different ways!
-Show Me by Fiona and Lauren

-Youtube video by Laryssa, Liam and Cohen
-Show Me by Jack

List by Pat:
Today in class we did a science mini project. In it, we had to go around the school and find simple machines. Here's mine! Enjoy!
Display screen, globe, hamster wheel,  axle on clock, axle on door, wheels on moving desk, wheels on cart, wheels on moving chair, hands on clock, door, door handle, light switch, pencil sharpener, pins, and sand timer.

Many more episodes of "Fantastic Pulleys, Levers and Gears!"

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