Friday, 26 April 2013

Comm Cups

 In Room 209, we've started using "Comm Cups", we use these to communicate our comprehension levels with the teachers in the room. When everything is going well on our individual work, we show our green cups. When things are going OK, but we might need help soon, we show our yellow cups. When we're totally stuck and need help right away, we show our red cups. Then the teacher knows to come over right away. This helps everyone in the room to focus more quietly and independently.
 We use the Comm Cups at different times in the day and students have started to get them out by themselves in order to help show their comprehension. So far, they've been a really helpful tool when we work on Math activities, and Language activities like Text Busting.


  1. This is so neat to see that you are trying this idea! How is it working so far? I'd love to try this in my internship in the fall, so please let me know how it is going!

    1. Yes It is really working and it also helps for kids who call out or when you have to wait with your hand in the air for a really long time.

  2. wow that is such a great idea