Wednesday, 15 January 2014

WayBack Machine - Remember What You Want to Teach the World?

Welcome to the WayBack Machine. Today, we're going WAY back to the middle of September. Room 209 was hard at work building a great community that we are all now enjoying. One of the ways we built such a strong, supportive classroom community was through A LOT of discussion. One of our favourite kid heroes, Kid President inspired us once again this year.

After watching his 2013 Pep Talk for Teachers and Students, we answered the question "What do you want to teach the world?". Each student answered on the "What Stuck With You Today" board.

As always, I'm blown away by these awesome minds!

Enjoy your trip in the WayBack Machine to read what we were thinking about in September, 2013.

What do you want to teach the world?
Inspired by Kid President

-I want to teach the world how to be kind, generous and awesome!
-I want to teach the world is how hurting and killing an ocean or land animal is very wrong because some of these amazing creatures are so important and we need them to survive so without these amazing and precious animals, we will not exist!
-I want to teach the world music because music can help people to sometimes cope with stress and sometimes I need to work on that.
-I want to teach the world how much the environment does for us and I think it is really important that we help the environments so it can help us survive. Be grateful!
-I want to teach the world to cook.
-I want to teach the world that the world is fine how it is, it just needs eco-friendly stuff to save the world.
-I want to teach the world that a little perseverance will go far. It wasn’t long ago I was crying in the back cloak room because I thought I could not read. But that could not stop me. I persisted so much and tried so hard that now I can read to the best of my abilities.
-I want to teach the world to believe, because if you believe, you can do anything!
-I want to teach the world that you can feel good in your own skin, you can feel good about how you look, how you feel and even what you like. It’s OK if you don’t like the “popular music” or if you have different clothes, it’s how you feel that matters.
-I want to teach the world to ADD EGGS because I think it’s important everywhere, even out of the classroom.
-I want to teach the world that it’s OK to like what you like. Some people want to hide what they like if their friends don’t like it.
-I want to teach the world to be a better place. I think the world could be a better place if people started using ADD EGGS. I think if the world got more supportive (S in ADD EGGS), the world would be a much better place.
-I want to teach the world to respect the world, respect yourself, respect each other and respect this place.
-I want to teach the world about self-expression. You can express yourself in something like music, sports or writing. I’m thinking about starting a blog about cool people who self-express.
-I think that our class is teaching the world to be accountable, enthusiastic, grateful and supportive. We are also teaching the world that school can be fun.
-I’m trying to teach the world about women’s rights. I’ve already made a blog about it. And I think it’s a “hidden” topic. Girls are forced to marry men in different countries. It’s not a safe environment to talk about what’s really happening. I’d like to open the door of discussion about women’s rights.
-To me, we are not singlehandedly teaching. We are all working to give the world it’s happiness. We are all teaching and we all learn from each other.
-I want to teach the world not to litter and waste water.

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