Friday, 31 January 2014

Reflecting on our Living Musuem

Yesterday, before being dismissed, each student made a comment about the Living Museum. Here's what we thought:

-I really liked it but it’s kind of a bit loud, so I couldn’t really hear people that were talking -Aaron
-I didn’t get to see much of it because I was doing other things, but I’m guessing that it was a really good time -Camden
-I really liked it, I agree with AAron that it was a bit too loud and I think that next time, we should have a bit more time making groups and having more time for research -Clara
-It was fun. On a bun. Sharing.-Ellis
-I agree with Aaron, it was really fun, but when we Skyped with Miss Robin’s class it was a bit loud -Erika
-I really liked doing the Living Museum this year and I didn’t find it was insanely loud for four classes. I think it was a really great experience for our audience as well. -Fiona
-I think it was really fun and a bit too loud, but it’s funny because you always think you hate the Living Museum until the day of - Hannah
-Next year, there is a bit of room for improvement - maybe two classes like last year, because it was way loud and too overcrowded. -Hunty
-I thought it was fun, but I thought we had too many classes, that’s why it was so loud, we should go back to two classes-Jack
-I like sharing my information with other people even thought it was very tiring and stressful -Johnny
-I thought it was fun, but maybe next time we should share with the teachers that if you press a button you should stay -Kaleigh
-I think next year, I’d really like to see things and I only got to see one station in my short break - I learned something from the audience and it was really fun but I really lost focus - Laryssa
-I think it was really fun, it was a little overcrowded, but I didn’t think it was that bad. More time to research and rehearse -Madi
-having the grade 6s made it too crowded -Mel
-I thought it was fun on a bun and it was pretty loud-Miguel
-I honestly was really impressed with everybody’s presentations - just looking around, i could see that everyone was engaged in their work. Four classes was a bit much-Milie
-All I can say is that I thought it turned out really well and we should have less classes  -Molly
-I think that we should have once you’re in grade 5/6, you do the Living Museum, not grade 4s -Nat
-I agree with Nat. I think it was a little too loud, it was super super super fun presenting it -Nils
-I think there should only be a few classes -OC
-When I’m 20 and I look back on this, this’ll be one the things that I remember. I wish I could do it again,but I’m in grade 6. Next time, a bit more time for research. The dancing of another group distracted people at my station, maybe separate those groups -Pat
-It was a very good learning experience, and next time I’d have more classes in at a time, because I was not doing my presentation -Skye
-I thought it was really fun and I think that the audience enjoyed it. Next time, we should do it a bit later in the year, it would be a fun way to end the year. I think we should stick with two classes. -Vickie
-I think it was fun and it was cool that we got to share the thing that we wanted to share with other people-Yaro
-I thought it was really fun and I enjoyed it and I liked taking breaks to see other groups. MAybe make more attractive buttons and cool noises or the title -Thomas
-It was very loud. Molly was stressed out last night but she shouldn’t be, because she was over prepared -Barrie

-I also think it was very loud and it was hard to hear people at times even if they were projecting. I was impressed with the difference even from yesterday and I think everyone worked really hard. -Laura

What did you think? Please feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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