Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Expectations for Living Museum Presentation

Hello boys and girls,

Now that  you're done your Proposal, Elevator Pitch, collecting your research and you've summarized your Big Idea in a Text Bust, it's time to get your Living Museum Exhibit ready! This is the big, exciting, flashy sharing part of your project. The part that everyone will visit and remember!

Here are some things to keep in mind for your Exhibit:
-you need to think about your target audience
-you need to have an interesting, informative presentation that proves your Big Idea(s)
-you need to have interactive elements for your audience to participate in
-you need to have a visual element to your presentation
-you need to have an oral element to your presentation
-no prizes/treats for visitors (that means, you can't give out candies, snacks or treats)

Here's what your teachers will be looking for in each of these areas when they come and visit your exhibit on January 30th:

Interactive Element - Success Criteria
-all members of the presenting group take part in the presentation
-the audience is welcomed
-the audience can look at or hold something
-the audience has an opportunity to participate - by asking questions, playing a role, etc...

Visual Element - Success Criteria
-there is at least one element at your exhibit for the audience to look at (this may be a poster, a display, etc..)
-there are pictures and words
-a map of the places you are talking about is included
-the visual element is clearly labelled with your exhibit's title
-clearly labelled with your main Big Ideas (1-3 of them)
-there is additional information that the audience can read after you've completed your oral presentation
-your sources are listed

Oral Element - Success Criteria
-each member of your group has a character (someone from your time period, a museum docent or tour guide, etc...) and speaks from a first person perspective
-each character has a name and a backstory
-you have written a script of what each presenter will say when an audience member touches your button to activate the exhibit
-you are familiar with your script (it doesn't have to be memorized, but you should look at your audience while presenting)
-your oral presentation is 1-5 minutes in length
-contains good, juicy information that ties back to your Big Idea(s)
-you speak loudly, clearly and in a way that your target audience will understand
-you give your audience a chance to ask questions and you have answers ready because of your awesome research work
-you can stay totally still and in character until the button is pressed

Some groups that have all this ready before Friday can visit Ray and Owen/Andrew's classes to do a sample Fish Bowl for them. All groups will be doing Fish Bowls in our class early next week to make sure we're totally ready!

Is there anything that I missed here? Do you have any questions or comments? Feel free to leave them in the comment area below!

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  1. Are we allowed to give out little info cards? I wanted to give out ship trading cards for my exhibit but I wanted to check if that was O.K. first.