Thursday, 5 December 2013

Living Museum Kick Off

After our amazing Timeline Activity, the Juniors got together in two groups today to kick off our third annual Living Museum! The discussion was rich and engaging and the Curators (Owen, Tiiu, Andrew, Ray and Shauna) can't wait to see what you come up with!

Students are to start deciding on groups and topics and to work on their Proposals. Proposals are due by Thursday, December 18th, but will be accepted and even possibly approved before that! Please share your proposal with the homeroom teachers of all group members.

For your proposal, you will need to refer to the curriculum.
Grade 4 expectations - Medieval Times
Grade 5 expectations - Ancient Civilizations
Grade 6 expectations - European Explorers and First Nations

Inspiration from last year's topic selection!

Possible topics to get your started from today's discussion:
Daily Life
-I’m wondering how much the life of Haida people has changed over all of that time. - Millie, Sharky
-What was life like in the Industrial Revolution and in the heyday of a civilization - Ben
-I am wondering how the jobs compared between civilizations?
-Marin is wondering what life was  like before the Haida civilization?
-What happened in other places when the Dark Ages happened in Europe - Madi
-William is wondering why Christopher Columbus and all the European explorers are so famous if others found America first?
-Heather is wondering why the Aztec civilization was so short
-Cayley is wondering what things would have been like if the Dark Ages had never happened.
-Quinn is wondering what makes a successful civilization?
-Bexster is wondering how some civilizations were around for a longer time
-How was life in the Dark Ages and Medieval times? - Gabi
-Xavier is wondering how  the buildings in Ancient Rome held up in comparison to those of the Mayans?
-Kenny is wondering what was the tallest Mayan building - Johnny, Kenny

-Melodee is wondering what our current geographical location might have been like when we were inhabited by First Nations People
-Gavin M is wondering where the Haida are and who they are?
-Anna’s wondering when they realized the world wasn’t flat?
-Braeden’s wondering when Galileo made his discoveries, why did other people have other beliefs?

-I’m wondering about why the Ancient Mayan calendar came to an end?
-I’m wondering about different inventions that came from different civilizations

-the Chinese invented gun powder but the first firearm wasn’t invented until much later. I wonder what they used the gun powder for and what happened between those two inventions until they met
-Sohail is wondering how the weaponry during medieval times compared to that of ancient civilizations?
-Jamie is wondering what is the most common medieval weapon

Religions/Belief Systems
-I’m wondering about religions and how so many people can find faith in symbols like a person or a book?
-Sharky is wondering about Native Storytelling and if the stories have changed as time goes on

-Kaleigh is wondering if the First Nations and European Explorers did art

-Pat and Colin want to compare European and Viking boats and how they changed how they made them and the general construction
-Kenny was wondering which ancient civilization had the biggest ship

-Ethan is wondering how the Haida got their food and resources
-Hunter is wondering if Australian natives actually cannibalized

Fiona is wondering about names and figures of famous Natives


-how did they built their houses before they had nails? - Leo

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  1. The living classroom idea sounds fantastic. If I was in your digital classroom I would totally want to be in the medieval times group. Thanks for posting this, Shauna.