Monday, 9 December 2013

Do babies remember things? By Millie

So last week our reporter, Anita, (who interviewed us in the newspaper) brought in her 7month year old, Nisha!

We decided to do some science experiments on Nisha. Not the the ones like poring a bunch of chemicals on her, but some mental experiments.

We wanted to know if babies remember things. Do you remember stuff from when you were a baby?
To do that, Anita brought some of Nisha's favourite toys. She also brought a blanket. 
Our plan was to put the toy in front of Nisha, have her crawl toward it, and the hide it under the blanket to see if she remembered that the toy was there. 

Ok, so this is what happened. 
Nisha did not have a nap that morning, so she was a bit grumpy, but not that much. We set the toy out in front of Nisha. She started crawling toward it, but she got so distracted by all of us around her, she started crawling toward us! Some of us moved out of the way. We tried it again, and Nisha crawled toward it again. We covered it up with the blanket and she kinda looked around with this facial expression: 

So, I don't really think babies remember things when they are about 7 months old, because I don't remember anything when I was that age. And also, Nisha didn't seem to remember what was there. 

By Millie 

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  1. Nisha and I had lots of fun with you all! Thanks for having us in and for sharing your science reports.