Saturday, 30 November 2013

A Paramedic Met a Degu When Nils Fainted

Last week, we had two paramedics in our classroom. We'll post more about the story later (unless the student involved wants to leave the story as a comment and I'll add to this post!). They'd never heard of degus and thought we made them up.

One of them was so interested in the boys that he had a little snuggle with him!

After they helped in our classroom, they were given Project Thank you cards and have already started to spread them!

When Nils Fainted - by Nils
First I went to hold a Degu then it bit me and I started bleeding so went to the sink and started to wash my finger and then I started to feel a little dizzy and after about half a minute I was lying on the floor and Shauna woke me up and got me a pillow to lie on. Then the paramedics came and checked me out they got project thank-you cards and one of them held a Degu then I went to my family doctor and said I looked good. Then I went home and had a little rest.

Now, it's 5 days later, and Nils feels totally normal! Thank goodness!

The class stayed very calm and collected even though it was a stressful situation. We were mindful and made sure that, despite our amygdalas firing off, we stayed mindful and used our pre-frontal cortexes to deal with the issue calmly.


  1. Degus are cute! It sounds like it was an extraordinary day in the classroom. I am impressed that class remained mindful and aware. Nils, good for you for sharing your story! I think we are all fortunate to live in a city where the paramedics can come help us so quickly.