Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Today's Tasks in the Computer Lab

Hello Room 209 students,

Welcome to the Lab! I hope you're having a great day with Eric. Andrea and I are at a workshop at Confederation today and we're looking forward to hearing all about your day!

Please use your time in the Lab effectively today. Here are your tasks:

1. About the Authors 
-finish writing your About the Author on the Google Drive. Make sure your work has your name in the title and that you have shared it with me
-Check out the rubric we collaboratively created below before you say to yourself, "I'm done." (You can also go to the rubric and suggest other addtions!)
Neon Green
-include interesting, relevant information
-totally unique voice
-a lot of details
-tying things together: making connections
-some listing is there
-connections are unclear
-listing “I like...I like...”
-using the words stuff/things
-squeezing the juiciness out of your writing

-sentences are varied and interesting lengths


-spelling is correct
-proper nouns are capitalized
-end punctuation is used

Written in third person
-it really sounds like someone else wrote it!
-name is used often, or “she/he”, “his/her”
-using your name and sometimes using “I”
-repeating name over and over and over
-”My name is...”
-excessive details used

-computer typed
-looks professional


-photo or drawing includes: message, symbol, space, colour/hue

-Share your About the Author with a classmate and have him or her share his or hers with you
-Go through and make comments on your partner's work
-Return to your own work and make any corrections or edits needed

2. Human Poster Research - you may continue to answer the questions you need to discover for your Human Poster. Make sure you have the list of requirements in your Social Studies duo-tang

Have a great, productive time in the lab today!

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