Thursday, 21 November 2013

Today in the Lab

Hi boys and girls,

  Welcome to the Computer Lab. You have a few jobs to finish off today and one new job to get started on.

Job #1. Create your quiz questions for Science. Click on this link! You must complete this task by tomorrow, Friday, November 22nd. 

Job #2. You will be making a 60 second presentation about something related to your Science unit.
Visit the blog post I made about Wonderopolis.
-Select one of the questions for your grade and click on the link.
-Once you get to the Wonderopolis site about that question, watch the video to whet your appetite for knowledge.
-Next, read the answer.
-Make jot notes that would help you to explain this information to your class

Job #3. Type up your About the Author and share it with me on the Google Drive. Your first draft of this is due on Monday, November 25th.
Success Criteria:
-computer typed
-permanent spelling(Spelling Box, spellcheck)
-write in the third person
-describe interesting things about yourself
-hook the reader, make them want to keep reading

Job #4. If you're done EVERYTHING above, check out the Museum of Nature website. Read about the different exhibits and think about which ones you'd most like to see for yourself.

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