Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Thinking About Princesses and Superheroes

In Room 209, we talk a lot about society's expectations for little boys and little girls. I spotted these two recent items about princesses and thought some of you Digital Degus might find them interesting.

Below is a video made by first graders illustrating a song called "The Princess Who Saved Herself". Why is this song (and the story) kind of unusual and special?

Merida, the protagonist from "Brave" was a bit of a change from the usual Disney princesses. I know that students in Room 209 really liked her. Lauren even dressed as her for one Hallowe'en! Last weekend, Disney announced that Merida was their "official 11th princess" and gave her a makeover. Check out the link to see what you think of her makeover!

There is, in my opinion, an AWESOME artist, using photos of young girls dressed as superheroes and creating comic book-style portraits of them! Check out her project. I wonder if we could do something like this with some of the younger students? Maybe a Hallowe'en project. I'm also thinking of the little boys who dressed as princesses for the Medieval Fair. I wonder if someone could create some art based on them?

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  1. My mom showed me that article just the other day. I personally, don't really like the new Marida. I like the old one. I think they should just keep the same one as seen in the movie!