Friday, 4 October 2013

Math - Practicing Operations

In Room 209, we've been talking about how learning, especially in the subject of Math, is like building a Jenga tower.
All the new things we learn are stacked on the top of our towers, but if we have a lot of holes in the bottom part our our towers, from those skills we don't know or haven't practiced enough, our new learning will fall right off, rather than it sinking in.

In order to help everyone have a solid tower, we've been practicing a lot in class. We have been focusing on our operational sense and making sure everyone has strong skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Some holes that are in many of Room 209's towers are multiplication tables and a clear understanding of place value. A recommendation for all students is to practice these skills daily. A great way to do that is in conversation with your parents, or "Math Boot Camp", as one family calls it, or by practicing your skills on IXL. Log in and practice place value and the basic operations. Don't forget to have some scrap paper near you as you work so you can work out more complicated questions on that!

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