Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Friday is the International Day of the Girl, Thursday, we'll Stand Up for Girls

Hello Rainbow Egg Heads,

  Today in the computer lab, you are going to be doing some reading and watching.

#1. Read my blog post about International Day of the Girl and Stand Up for Girls from last year (there are three short videos to watch on there too).

#2. Read the post and comments that include our discussion about this from last year.

#3. Read the post and watch the video about what we did last year to Stand Up for Girls. Do you want to do this again today (since we won't be at school on Friday, the International Day of the Girl)?

#4. Write a comment on this post describing why you think some girls don't get to go to school in other parts of the world and finish this sentence: I stand up for....
Before hitting "post", double check what you have written for clarity and accuracy.
Success Criteria: thoughtful and juicy thoughts shared, full sentences, proper spelling/punctuation/grammar
Green Light Level response by one of your peers: 
I think girls don't get to go to school because they are neglected by their society.
I stand up for... not letting girls be in poverty just because they're girls

#5. If you have not yet completed the "Stars and a Planet" task, click on this link to do so (many people used the QR code to get to this link).

#6. Follow step 3 on this post if you have not yet joined our Edmodo groups..

#7. Spend the remaining time doing your choice of IXL or TypingWeb.


  1. There's some rules in certain religions's Bibles that give men superiority over women so some men think that women don't have the right to go to school. That means fathers preventing there daughters from going to school. I think the world should make a goal: get every girl in school before 2017. I stand up for universal acceptance of equal education.

  2. i think some girls arent alowed go to school in some contreys because some contreys think boys are better and think girls cant have eanegacation because girls are domb

  3. i think we should do the same thining as last year because it is fast and meaningful at the same time

  4. i stand for girls because,
    Because I feel, No. I know that girls have the right to learn and be treated just the same as every one else in the WORLD!

  5. I think girls are treated differently because some people/countries might think girls are vulnerable,won't fight back and a burden.I think that's the most crazy idea ever!That's why I started because we can.The name originated from:because we can raise our voice,because we can stand up,because we can help, when others can't.To me that meant when people aren't aloud to stand up for girls in some countries we can and we will.I think we should visit some of the websites that made the videos.If you visit Half the Sky's website you can see some very powerful and moving videos on girls rights.

  6. i stand up for...
    i feel all girls should be able to go to school, and learn, and get good jobs, because they have the rite to stand up and live there lives as they want because the man don't role this world we all do because ecwoletie madders!!!

  7. I think that girls don't get to go to school because maybe they don't have enough money but they get money from people and spend it on food and water and stuff to make things

  8. I stand up for girls, because every girl should be able to learn, it is good for there education and for when they decide to raise there own child(if they do). Also I think that everybody in the whole world should have the same rights, like Africa could be the same as Canada and have the same amount of money. I THINK THAT EVERYONE SHOULD BE EQUAL

  9. I think most girls in different country's of the world don't get to go to school because they have rules like "you can't go because you are a girl'' and ''you can't go because of the clothes you are wearing'' and you can't go because there is different jobs that need to get done and you have to do it'' .and personally I don't like those rules at all but it's just the way it is sometimes and nothing can be done. and there's also a rule in a different part of the world where females can't leave the house without a male with them and I really don't like that one either but again it's just the way it is in some places of the world so

    I stand up for girls all over the world who don't have the rights to do the things that they want to do.
    I also agree with Hannah I wish that every girl would be able to go to school because if they ever decide to have children how are they ever going to pay for their bills or finances if they can't get a job or how are they going to help them with homework (if they have a boy) and they don't know how to do math or language or any subject from school I just wish that everyone was equal.