Monday, 7 October 2013

HUGE Project Thank You News!

As you know, your teacher is wacky! One of the reasons I am so wacky is because I love comedy, and one of my favourite comedic actors is the one and only Jim Carrey. This past weekend, Jim Carrey was making an appearance in Toronto, only a four hour drive away, to read his new picture book, "How Roland Rolls".
After a late night/early morning drive to Toronto, and many, many hours in line, I got to meet Jim! Of course, I was thinking of my wonderful Rainbow Egg Heads and planned ahead, printing out a Project Thank You card for him.
Here I am, getting my copy of the book signed and explaining to Jim about Project Thank You.
He wanted to know more about you and what grades you are in.
Here he is with the Project Thank You card which he promised to keep passing on!
And...I got to make funny faces with the funniest faced man in showbiz!

Here's Matt with Jim. Don't they look alike?


  1. Roland has it even worse off than Jim, he doesn't even have teeth!

  2. That is awesome Shauna!! Great shots. You make a good comedic pair!

  3. Elizabeth Bouchard13 October 2013 at 03:17

    Hey Shauna! Its me, Elizabeth. Remember me? Tiiu's class? GRADE 6?!? I'm writing from Russia and I was AMAZED when I saw that Jim Carrey with you, and that you got to meet him! How is he? How are you? IS THERE REALLY A NEW ELIZABETH? IM NOT FAMOUSE ANYMORE! :[. JK! I hope that people will like her like they did me. I really miss Churchill. Say hi to Thomas, Tiiu, Ray, Andrew, Owen, and to almost everybody and make sure you post a comment back to me. I will be checking everyday at the blog and mabey we can send e-mails to each other. I don't have one yet. Anyways, thank you everyone, again I miss Churchill, and I can't WAIT to hear back from you.

    From an old Churchillian [chillie!], Angelizzy.

    P.S: my nicname now will be Angelizzy. Cuz I want it that way! >:D