Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Shauna's cousins a scuba diver!

She is teaching us about sharks and fish she is teaching us awesome facts about sharks it is so fun and it is a great show! We finished are awesome fish now we are naming it Fishiocus dancucuse with a underline under the name it was created in room 209. Sharks have bin around for 250.000 million years ago where the Dino's where still alive and they where perfect. We are looking at sharks back then on google images they look so weird. We are look at a Japan shark it looks like slime now we are looking at extinct species like tephopods. We are looking at lung fish looking at amphibians they look awesome to me but to shauna it looks gross. There are lots of fish in the carrabien Looking at manta rays. Looking at water animals and whales have hairs all over there body looking at awesome jelly fish. Jelly fish have really high a electric volts. We are looking at nurse shark body parts. Bye and sighing off with your host


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