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What Stuck With Us This Year 2013-14

What stuck with you today?Anything else you'd like your class to know?What's your name?
i will miss the weirdness we had in room 209 and i will remember all the new friends i made and will mis i will remember all the teachers and how they helped me i will remember the RAINBOW EGG HEADS gillians class and how nice they were well most of them and everything in churchill well not everything but almost everything.Kaleigh!!!!
What stuck with me this year is.....

1.All the field trips

2.All the other EggHeads

3.All the big Projects like biography living museum and Sara's/Shauna's Science Show

4.Shauna's broken arm story

5.Getting the Chromebooks

6.All the memories we shared as a class
pretty much all the things that stuck with me are the things i'll miss . another thing that stuck with me is all our wonderful projects and our parties , we throw good parttiesill miss you all Laryssa
In this year 5 things have stuck with me,
-I had lots of fun going to 1000 sushi islands after the ignite
-Ignite was also fun
-living museum was cool
-biographies were cool
-shauna is the best because she is the best teacher
1. All the math tricks you've taught me over the years
2. How to use the chromebooks
3. Mindfulness
4. Ketchup, Mustard and Pickle
5. Traffic lights
6. Writers Toolbox

And, this is the very last time ever that I will be filling out this survey.
Have a good summer Room 209! I will miss all the grade fives! To the grade sixes, see you at Summit!! Thanks Shauna! Bye Churchill!Millie
1. The Living Museum. I feel that I worked really hard on that.
2. Mindful Breathing. I'll try to use it in the future.
3. The Chromebooks. They revolutionized how I learn and I'll try to apply those skills in other places.
4. All the ways we kept organized, such as the Mustard tracker and the Daybook.
5. Hacked lessons. They were really fun and I hope future teachers will want to do them.
Nope.Ellis (Pat)
2- when you don't get your way don't protest you'll just feel even worse you do all that hard work for nothing

3- in math attitude is everything.

4-i'm pretty good at science

5- the rainbow eggheads are the best team and my classmates are really hard workers and we are the rainbow eggheads : )
what stuck with me this year.

1. the 1st thing that stuck with me this year was the terry fox run

2.the 2nd thing this year was you shauna

3.the 3rd thing was the chromebooks

4.the 4th thing was the back to nature

5.the 5th thing was the degus

6.the 6th thing was mystery skype
1 . the first thing that stuck with me is you. You are the best teacher ever! and there is no other better teacher in the world except you! i will really miss you a lot! :( SHAUNA! GO SHAUNA!
2. the second thing that stuck with me is your creativity! you were so creative! and you made everything turn from boring to fun and awesome thank you!
3. the third thing that stuck with me is the chromebooks! the chromebooks have changed my life and i don't want to leave them! so i am going to hug and kiss mine goodbye before i leave this year :(
4. the fourth thing that stuck with me is the degus :( i will really miss them this year so at the cry circle i want to snuggle one!
5. the fifth thing that stuck with me is the ipads. i will also miss the ipads too because that's the first type of tech we used in this classroom! so i will be extremely sad to leave them :(
6. the sixth thing that stuck with me is the rainbow eggheads! i will really miss everyone in this classroom even people i never really talk ton i will still really miss you because you are apart of my family! the ................ RAINBOW EGGHEADS CLASSROOM!
Skyping other classes
School of Rock 9 - Probably the best one
These penpals were AWESOME
The class this year was the best. Another thing I liked was visiting our penpals. I was SO COOL to meet them!
laughing smileing and have ing a grate time make ing new friends everything noOceanna
5 things that have stuck with me this year are:

1. Learning about and doing a lot of different kinds of math, most of them are fun.
2. Learning about all the amazing different people in our class this year! I think I made friends that will stick/stay with me for a long time.
3. I also learned different types of good writing tips. I will definitely use these in the future.
4. I learned about Chuck close the artist.
5. And last but not least I learned more about Shauna and myself.
This year, what stuck with me was getting to be with my friends but also make new friends and get to get closer to them! Also, getting a teacher who loves to make things better for her class really stuck, you worked so hard to make this year amazing and it has being amazing! Another thing that has stuck with me this year is how close this class has gotten and how we all became awesome friends with each other! Also getting to connect with all of our little buddies stuck, it taught me a lot (alot!) about how to work with other kids younger than you. Also what stuck with me this year is the feeling I got when I first walked into the class, and the feeling I got when I biked to school the last day of school for grade 5. (The first one was a great feeling, but the last one was a bad feeling)I WILL MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!Vickie
What stuck with me this year
1. Macskimming
2.sitting around and watching videos on the carpet(getting sidetracked leads to new things!)
3.learning how to text bust
4.learning how to do complicated multiplication
5.learning how to care for the degus
6.the day we got the Chrome books
The things that stuck with me this year is...
1. How to use the google drive better
2. How great we are working together.
3. Creativity that can be sprung into art and your daily lives
4. Music and Ukulele and how cool it is to play
5. How many awesome,supportive friends their are in the class
6. How sad I am going to be when we leave each other, but we will still keep in touch!

(these are more things that I learned and less what stuck with me!)
That I am going to miss you all so so much!Fiona
What stuck with me about this year was:
1 Living museum
2 Chromebooks
3 Biography
4 Hacked classroom
5 Shauna and new friends
6 macskimming
When we played the owl game, I knew I just found one of my favorite games. The first day of school was awesome, I wish that I could stay here for the next year. Our buddies were so nice to us, they even throw us a surprise. The crying circle always had so laughs along with someone always crying. I will miss you all and hopefully see you guys later.

Have a great summer

The stuck with me was that time we made sock puppets. What stuck with me was Bansho. What stuck with me was using the chromebooks. What stuck with me was the field trip to the butterfly place. What stuck with me was mystery skype.Nat
This year I learned that Shauna is the BESTEST (not a word) teacher ever you are amazing and I wish you could teach me next year but thats just a crushed dream. Hunter
-shauna was the best teacher i've ever had
-i really liked being in her classroom
-i had a lot of fun
-i don't want to leave shaunas class
-i will always remember shauna
1.all the kids in are class ore so nice
2.the chromebooks
3.the degus
4.being so excited to go to school
5.having a amazing teacher!
6.i have to live bo bo...
my the pony be with you!SKYE little pony
What Stuck WIth You This Year?

-ROOM 209
5 things stuck with me this year,

1. how awesome you are/ how much I'll miss you
2. how well the rainbow eggheads work together\ how much I'll miss them
3. how amazing it is to work with degus
4. how much I've learnt
5. how if you put your mind to it then you can do it!
-being a rainbow egg head
-living museum
-biography book launch
-norman and hedwig
Aaron McLeod
what stuck with me this year was.....

1. YOU!!!!!!!!!

2. My class mates

3. All the staff that worked at this school to be more respectful

5. And that people learn on different days in different ways
thank you so much for the awesome year!!!Madi!!!!!!!!!!
this year what stuck with me was the chromebooks new friends and awesome teacher gillans class the weirdness that we HAD and this classI WILL MISS YOU ALL SO MUCHKaleigh!!!!
everyone that i've made friends with, and the teachers that i will miss, and all the awesome times we have had.i will miss uMeL

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